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Connected4Health is a UK company, with expertise in Digital Technologies, encompassing eHealth, mHealth, Telehealth, TeleCare and other Connected Health technologies in health & care settings.

Our sister company is Good4HEALTH Ltd - with expertise in Patient Engagement - using SMS technology from The3rdDegree Ltd to elicit purposeful feedback from patients in the NHS who have undertaken treatment and then are asked for feedback under the "Friends and Family" test.

In the UK, 2020 is seen as a watershed time, when health & care needs to be able to deliver more services for effectively less money.

Modern thinking determines that acute care provision should be reduced, with more patients cared for in their own homes for longer than at present. This is safer, better for the patient and much more cost-effective ...

INTRODUCING Connected4Health

Some Digital Transformation

Transforming the Surgical Pathway through Digital Transformation

Scott Gibson, director at Connected4Health, explains how adding a communications layer to the surgical pathway, lowering ‘Did not Attend’ (DNA) rates, shortening clinical appointments and fast-tracking low-risk patients can allow staff to focus on medium and high-risk cases, where improvement and reassessment may be required. 

At present, when a GP refers a patient to a Hospital for surgical assessment, limited information is passed as a result of permissions and separate silos.  


Hospitals operate a Preoperative Assessment clinic for every patient, where they are ‘interviewed’ by a nurse, assessed clinically and asked often 10’s of pages of questions relating to their present health, past medical history and demographics. Some hospitals have digitised the forms but that only saves in transcribing, the process for patients is still laborious.


On average, these appointments last an hour and for many patients – those with good health – it is largely a waste of theirs and the hospital’s time. From this assessment, patients are normally either referred directly to surgery, or for tests and/or to anaesthetic review.


With recent changes in England, many patients who smoke or have a BMI above 30 are rejected completely and sent to ‘improve’.


With our system, patients can be pre-assessed using a digital questionnaire from their own home, backed up by medical protocol, fast-tracking low-risk patients and identifying those needing more time.


Most hospitals only use the friends and family test for patient feedback, rather than more intensive PROM and PREM surveys. As a result, little is gathered concerning patients’ actual views on how a service may improve based on their experiences and outcomes.


Changes Don’t have to Impact Negatively – either on staff or patients…



The current surgery pathway in the NHS, involves the use of 20th-century technologies in communicating with patients, where we send letters to confirm appointments and make telephone calls to cancel, re-arrange or ask for advice. As a result, it is no surprise that high “Did not Attend” (DNA) rates occur and that patients come along to appointments less than well prepared and often facing long, laborious, paper-based procedures to gather clinical and demographic information.


It’s no wonder many are also left less than satisfied with the non-clinical side of their service. Transforming this pathway, from referral, through outpatients, pre-op and surgery and discharge, is simpler than many think and can pay for itself in 1 month.

Who are we and What we Do ...

Professional Transformational Technologies

To be effective at modernising, changing or improving health & care services, we need to be disruptive, without upsetting existing staff practices too quickly.

New technologies, in the main, should improve quality, hopefully make cost savings and potentially providing a better, safer and faster service for both service users, as well as staff.

With this in mind, we then identify 'pain points' in working systems, take views from all sides and then scope, identify and test solutions. 

Services we Provide

Since 1997, we've provided various services across the UK, from SMS surveys and reminder systems, through TeleHealth systems for Diabetes, to overlay systems and Apps to manage Preoperative Assessment.. Contact us today for a consultation.

Strategic Healthcare Connected Health Design

Identifying the latest mHealth technologies to help deliver remote management systems for patients with long-term conditions.

Corporate Healthcare Consultation

As well as delivering solutions, we also deliver consultancy services. These vary in terms of scope with us able to draw upon our partner companies, such as Inspiration NW, who have ex Directors of NHS northwest, providing specialised services in many areas.

Social Care Products, Services and Consultations

We work with some of the very best technologies for managing health & social care organisations, providing management of staff with Optimisation of Scheduling, as well as 'Networks of Care' to co-ordinate visits from friends and family, health professionals as well as carers



Jim Ward

Jim has worked in the public sector and supplying the public sector, for over 30 years. 

For the past 10 years, his expertise has been directed towards health & social care, providing digital transformation to many providers.


Scott Gibson

Scott has extensive experience of mobile ICT and software solutions, as well as project management and system change experience with some of the world's largest companies. He provides analytical expertise of solutions to health and care.

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