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Healthcubed is a Screening platform, the size of an A4 page, that can Test and Screen more than 75 Parameters, including;

  • Connected devices

    • 10-Lead ECG​

    • Temperature

    • Weight

    • Pulse Oximetry

    • Blood Pressure

    • Heart Rate

    • ...

  • Blood Testing​

    • Glucose​

    • HbA1c

    • Haemoglobin

    • Cholestrol

    • Uric Acid

    • HIV

    • Infectionus Diseases

    • WBC

    • Lipid Porfile

    • Triponin

    • D-Dimer

    • CRP

    • Pro-Calcitonin

    • ...

  • Urine Testing​

    • Protein​

    • Sugar

    • Pregnancy

    • ...

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AgeWell Home Monitoring

The AgeWell Health Monitor, when paired with the AgeWell App allows elderly patients to test and track their own vital signs. The results are shared in real-time with the family doctor who can respond quickly using teleconsultation. Family members can also feel assured by having their own access to the results. In this way, AgeWell forms a ‘Circle of Care’ for its user members.

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The AgeWell App makes it easier than ever for the elderly to monitor their health, save medical reports and access their prescriptions anytime, anywhere. The App promotes the active participation of users to manage their own health and drives awareness & adherence. AgeWell also rewards the user with free annual health check-ups for taking good care of themselves.

The AgeWell Family App provides designated family members the ability to check the well-being of the older adults in their family. The app gives assurance that vitals are being checked regularly and that chronic conditions are being managed. Family members are also alerted about any abnormalities in the test results which provide peace of mind that all is well.

AgeWell Connect allows doctors to regularly monitor the health of their patients from their clinics, by accessing vitals taken independently by the patient using AgeWell Health Monitor. AgeWell is a complete telemedicine service that allows doctors to digitally prescribe medication and tests.

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