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Improved Hospital Outcomes

98%                     50%               +1h
Fewer Phone Calls.                                                            Fewer No-shows                       Reduction in Time Spent

                                                                                                      and Cancellations.                       per Patient Preoperatively

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Electronic Pre-operative Assessment to Support the Recovery of Elective Surgery

Electronic pre-operative assessment services can play a vital role in the recovery of elective surgery. Pre-operative assessment of low-risk patients can be done faster and more efficiently with the help of digital solutions. 

Digitally collecting pre-operative assessment is convenient and effective for both patients and care teams. Patients can enter their data at their own pace ahead of appointments. Remote vetting is much more efficient and agile for the care personnel, thus eliminating unnecessary inquiries, optimizing the use of resources and reducing costs.

Electronic pre-operative assessment enables sharing automatically timed information with patients such as fasting or medication instructions, appointment reminders, videos, or important website links through a smartphone or a tablet.

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How does the Electronic Pre-operative Assessment Work? 

The care coordination platform automatically educates and reminds patients about upcoming tasks and the patient is always aware of what the next steps need to be taken or which tasks need to be completed.  


The Patient-Facing Mobile App has a User-friendly Timed To-Do List that Helps Patients in their Preoperative Preparations. Furthermore, it assists in: 


  • Providing information about the procedure.

  • Sharing pre-operative assessment or other forms/questionnaires.

  • Providing a procedure checklist.

  • Sharing educational videos, photos, links.

  • Instructing when to take/stop medications and when to stop eating.

  • Providing secure, two-way.
    messaging between patients and care teams


Better Informed Care Personnel with Remote Patient Monitoring 

While patients are using a mobile app, the care personnel's clinical
monitoring dashboard provides a real-time overview of all patients' preoperative preparation tasks. 


In the Preoperative Phase, Care Personnel Can See at-a-glance if patients:


  • Have read all education.

  • Submitted pre-op assessments or other questionnaires.

  • Followed dietary and medication instructions.

The platform reminds patients automatically a few times about uncompleted tasks, and if tasks are not completed it sends an attention notification to care personnel related to care pathway deviation. This helps care teams to earlier identify potential no-shows, patients at-risk, or patients experiencing challenges in maneuvering their care pathway. 

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Benefits of Electronic Pre-operative Assessment for Care Teams

  • Faster recovery from elective surgery.

  • Minimized cancellation/no-show through more efficient patient education. 

  • Reduced administrative burden and costs through faster and more efficient remote vetting.

  • Accessibility of patient information by multiple users within different departments and specialties. 

  • Easy tracking of patient flow all the way to surgery. 

  • Reduction of letters, paper records, phone calls, and costs through digitized pre-operative assessment. 

Benefits of Electronic Pre-operative Assessment for Patients

  • Patients don’t need to visit the hospital physically or wait for a phone call.

  • Patients can enter their data at their own pace at a convenient time.

  • The entire pre-operative care pathway is transparent and available 24/7. 

  • Automated reminders (fasting, medication) ensure that patients remember important tasks and appointments.

  • Improved patient satisfaction.

The BuddyCare Care Coordination Platform

Mobile App for Patients

The patient-facing BuddyCare app helps patients to navigate through their care pathways.

Timed reminders and push notifications ensure that patients get the right information at the right time.

Patients can submit forms or in-app questionnaires to the care personnel and interact via the mobile app. 

Dashboard for Care Personnel

With the dashboard, the hospital care personnel can monitor patients' care progress and see at-a-glance if patients have read all education, submitted in-app questionnaires and followed all instructions

The patient management system collects data during the patients' pathways and enables patient interaction. The dashboard produces reports for analysis.

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